P.I.A.T.-Battledress and Bayonet

Battledress and Bayonet

Replica PIAT
(High quality repro rounds for the PIAT are now available in the Weapons section.)

This is a full size  replica made of steel throughout and was copied from a deactivated original.

The price includes all webbing accesories shown and two used rifle slings, the sights flip up and down like the original and the adjustable sight is calibrated and stamped with the numbers and letters.

This is the best replica PIAT available and not to be confused with the wooden examples offered elsewhere. 

The Price is 795.00 plus shipping or collection from a show etc. Shipping is 25.00 for fully tracked and insured delivery.

I have sold many of these to reenactment groups both in this country and overseas, some of whom are listed on my links pages.    


Below is an image of the latest model.


The VCR act

Under the new legislation covering the sale of realistic replica firearms I will only be selling my replica PIATS in bright red primer as thus painted they are exempt from the legislation and can be sold to anyone. They will still be exactly as the originals I have sold in the past with flip up sights etc. and the canvas parts, but will just be painted RED. They will be the same price  795.00 plus 25.00 for fully tracked and insured delivery.

However!, if you are one of the following I can still sell them to you legally   in the original dark green colour:-

1, A bona fide reenactor and part of a group and hold the relevant third party liability insurance

2,  a museum or gallery 

3, theatrical performance and rehearsals of such performances   

4, the production of films and television programmes   

5, the organisation and holding of historical re-enactments  

6, crown servant.

If you are interested, please contact me and we can discuss it.