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 If you would like to have your website linked this page, please email me at the above.  British Red Cross-WW1 & WW2 Living history group. Unique resource of Photographs from WW1 & WW2 Website of the Kings 8th Regiment detroit 1768 -1785   Military books and prints New website of The Black Company a Medieval combat/reenactment group based in Cornwall of which I am proud to be an active member. Marvelous new site devoted to Enfield rifles, loads of links and usefull information. On what is undoubtedly the best rifle ever produced, (but then I am biased!) of a superb airfield museum in Cornwall, privately funded and run on a non profit making basis and housed in several restored buildings on part of the old Davidstow Airfield. All branches of the services are represented and its well worth a visit. There is also a smaller very interesting RAF museum nextdoor.   Site featuring the superb work of sculptor Robert Truscott, his bronze figures are amazing and several have a military theme, have a look and see what you think.  NEW!  Website of UK based group dedicated to Japanese WW2 an unusual subject for reenactment, very well done and well worth a look.   Website where you can see full details, reviews,   sample pages and purchase James Maddox`s superb book on bayonet collecting. This is without a doubt the best book in print in the English language on the subject of collecting world   bayonets, chapters cover all aspects including cleaning, repair, display and recording,   Jim is also one of Americas top collectors and his collection covers many examples that you will not see anywhere else, what more can I say?. Have a look at the website, buy the book and enjoy. Jim is a great guy and his book really is a treasure, so go on just have a look at the website and see what you think.   Superb site particularly for sten related items and accessories, plus wide range of other guns, parts and   interesting military items, the owner is very friendly and helpful and a good bloke to deal with. Superb bayonet site, highly recomended.

Battledress and Bayonet